Windows 1.0 "PC Mag 1984-01-24" build is a very early pre-release build of Windows 1.0, originally shown in the 24 January 1984 issue of PC Mag.[1] The photo is of somewhat poor quality, though the observable UI details suggest this build is likely earlier than the one shown at Fall COMDEX 1983, and probably related to the build shown in the third photo in the 21 November 1983 issue of InfoWorld.

The same photo was also featured in the December 1983 issue of Personal Computer News,[2] January 1984 issue of Data Processing, February 1984 issues of Creative Computing[3] and Practical Computing,[4] and the April 1984 issue of InfoWorld.[5] Additional photos of very similar or even exact same build(s) were featured in the January 1984 issue of PC World.[6]

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