Windows/386 2.01 (Compaq) is an OEM build of Windows 2.x. As of 2021, it is the earliest available Windows 2.x build. It was compiled between 14 August 1987 and 7 September 1987. This particular build was enhanced with support for the new features of the Intel i386 processor and was marketed as "Windows/386" to denote it separately from the regular version. As this is an OEM build distributed by Compaq, it is missing drivers that exist in the retail version.

Installation[edit | edit source]

Virtual PC[edit | edit source]

  1. Install MS-DOS 5.0
  2. Launch Windows 2.01 setup from the first floppy
  3. Select the installation directory and computer type
  4. Select VGA 640x480 as the display type
  5. Choose the keyboard layout
  6. Select No mouse or other pointing devices as the mouse type, or alternatively, apply the Windows 1.x mouse fix, i.e. add MOUSE.DRV of Windows 2.03 to the setup files the way you would for additional mouse support in Windows 1.x.
  7. Check the settings and then select No changes
  8. Press C when Setup asks whether you want to install a printer
  9. Select your location
  10. After installation, run Win86 (in Win386, this would cause Incorrect DOS version error message or the booting to hang unless you have PC-DOS 3.30/4.01 or MS-DOS 3.3x/4.01) to start Windows

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Read Me[edit | edit source]

Having Windows/386 on the same hard disk as Windows 2.0 or Windows 1.04:
Windows/386 and earlier versions of Windows have many filenames in
common.  Unless you are very careful setting up your path, it is
possible to have Windows/386 using files from your earlier copies of
Windows.  This can cause a variety of problems.  It is suggested that
you delete any other copies of Windows from your machine before
installing Windows/386.

Interesting facts[edit | edit source]

VGA 640x450 support[edit | edit source]

Deciding which VGA driver to use with Windows/386:
When you are running the Windows/386 setup program, you are given
two choices if you have a VGA or compatible display adapter.  The
first choice, "VGA, 640x480", will run Windows itself in 640 by
480 mode.  The second choice, "VGA, 640x450", will run Windows in
640 by 450 mode.  If you run Windows in 640 by 480 mode you will
not be able to run EGA graphics applications in windowed or background
modes.  If you run Windows in 640 by 450 mode you will be able to run EGA
graphics applications in windowed and background modes.  For most users we
recommend they select the 640 by 450 mode since the loss of 30 lines in 
the horizontal is not very noticeable.

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