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Left 4 Dead is a computer game published by Valve Corporation in late 2008 using a modified version of the Half-Life 2 Source engine. The game is a survival zombie shooter game that follows the story of four survivors in a cinematic fashion as they try to escape the hordes of zombies infected with the "green flu" virus and reach a safe haven.

Pre-Release Demos[]

Before its release, Valve released a free to play demo on Steam. A demo was also released on Xbox 360 in the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo featured two levels of the only playable campaign No Mercy. After its release, Valve had removed removed the demo entirely and can no longer be played. The listing for Xbox 360 was also taken down after its release.

Downloadable Content[]

In its lifetime, Left 4 Dead featured three pieces of downloadable content, all of which are free to play and installed by default on PC.

Survival Pack[]

Survival pack was the first piece of DLC released on April 21, 2009. It included two new campaigns, Death Toll and Dead Air as well as adding in Survival mode, an arcade style firefight game mode. Some multiplayer maps were also patched to fix issues such as player camping.

Crash Course[]

Crash Course was the next piece of DLC released on September 29, 2009, which added the Crash Course campaign to the game. It also added a feature to view recharge times when viewing teammate stats in-game.

The Sacrifice[]

The Sacrifice was the last piece of DLC released on October 5, 2010. This added the final set of campaign maps that ends the story of Left 4 Dead as well as the last few bits of content for matchmaking.

Cancelled Campaigns[]

Left 4 Dead was originally worked on by Turtle Rock Studios (at the time known as Valve South during its acquisition) before the work was transferred to Valve, which resulted in campaign missions being renamed and one major campaign being cut from the game.

Dam It[]

On November 7, 2016 Turtle Rock Studios releases the Dam It campaign as a downloadable archive addon for Left 4 Dead. The archive adds the Dam It campaign and two matchmaking maps, Coal Freighter and Highrise.

Dam It would have taken place canonically between Dead Air and Blood Harvest. The campaign features the survivors making their way from a camp site to a hydro-electric dam in an attempt to use the dam to temporarily cut off the horde from reaching them. Both the campaign and matchmaking maps contain missing textures due to the campaign being cancelled earlier on and referring to non-existent textures. The campaign is playable from level 1 to the final level, but also exposes dev textures and dev comments.

The campaign can be downloaded from here.


Left 4 Dead currently has two known builds for PC and one known build for Xbox 360.


Xbox 360[]

  • Left 4 Dead Demo (Xbox Live Marketplace)