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Halo: Combat Evolved (Demo) is a special build of Halo: Combat Evolved that was included on a disc for the Official Xbox Magazine. The game was watered down enough to only include one campaign and one playable multiplayer game map with two game modes. Just like the full version of the game, the demo lacks an online capability while the PC demo uses Gamespy servers to assess online multiplayer.


The campaign included only one mission: The Silent Cartographer. During this mission, the Master Chief must locate the "Silent Cartographer", a room that contains a map of the entire Halo ring. Once the cartographer is located, Cortana will call for Foehammer to come pick up the chief.


Matchmaking includes one playable map, Bloodgulch. Bloodgulch can be played with one of two game modes: slayer or capture the flag. The same map differences between platforms from the full game exist in the demo.



Halo PC Demo Video (Highest Quality)

¹The Halo: Combat Evolved Demo cutscene for PC, courtesy of Masterz1337.

When the campaign is beaten, or the demo is exited (PC), a cutscene with Sergeant Avery Johnson plays where he advertises the full version of the game, with the boxart of the game changing depending on the platform the game is played on, shown to the right.¹