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Half-Life: Opposing Force Demo is a shareware demo version of the game Half-Life: Opposing Force, developed by Gearbox Studios in conjunction with Sierra Online. The game is very bare and stripped of many features/items/areas included in the final game, as it is just a demo.


Although the demo was released after the final game, there were a number of differences that exist between the final game and the demo game.

Map Layout[]

In this demo, you get the 9mm handgun earlier than in the retail game. The 9mm handgun is found when breaking crates in the room with the lift carrying two alien slaves arrive at the bottom. The maps also contain less ammunition for the Desert Eagle, the first gun you pick up.

In map of2a5, the platforms have been modified so that Shepard can jump to the other side without grabbing onto dangling wires, unlike the retail game.

Maps Available[]

The demo surprisingly has maps from different chapters, although the chapter Welcome to Black Mesa is more complete as it contains more than one map associated with it. Even the training section of the game, Boot Camp is missing its own separate maps, which fades to black as soon as the Sergeant is done yelling at the player, unlike Half-Life's demos which contain the complete training section of the game.

The maps available in the demo are as follows:

  • of0a0 - Opening sequence of Half-Life: Opposing Force
  • of1a1 - First map of the chapter Welcome to Black Mesa
  • of1a2
  • of1a3
  • of2a5dmo - Jumps to a random section of the next chapter.
  • of5a3dmo - Jumps further ahead, minimal gameplay can be achieved however.
  • ofboot0 - Only Boot Camp map.

Demo Lockouts[]

Half-Life: Opposing Force Demo icons

Installation shortcuts for the game

The demo contains a working console, unlike Half-Life: Day One or Half-Life: Uplink. The demo, however does have its own limitations of what the player can do. For instance, even if the player sets the value of sv_cheats to 1 and attempts to use the impulse 101 command, the game will not give the player all weapons. The demo will also not allow the player to obtain weapons that are not used in the demo (for instance, using the command give weapon_crossbow which under normal circumstances would give the player a Crossbow, however the weapon is locked out in this demo).

Interestingly enough, the game will allow the player to give themself the Long Jump Module (give item_longjump), used in the base game, even though no other expansions make use of this item.